Welcome to the official website for Vale Royal Talking Newspaper.


We are sometimes known as VRTN for short and we are a charity

(Registration number: 506227) doing the voluntary work of bringing

the local news - thanks to the local editions (for example Northwich

and Winsford) of the Guardian Newspaper Group - to nearly 100

visually impaired local people every week.

We have been doing this now since 1977 thanks to an enthusiastic

team of volunteers who turn up every week! We don't charge

anything for the service and we provide free boom boxes to our

listeners, if needed, so they can play the recordings we make using

digital memory sticks which we post out every week.


As you read through these web pages, you will learn more about

VRTN. You can select a page of your choice from the navigation row

on the top.


VRTN covers the old Vale Royal area.



However, if you are not from this area there may be a Talking

Newspaper in your town or district and you may find it on the


If you leave the area and still want to know what is going on, you can

still receive our recordings - just let us know your new address.