Here is a short description and history of VRTN.


Vale Royal Talking Newspaper was set up by Betty and Harry Dutton in 1977. Initially there was a group of about 30 volunteers, which has now grown to nearly 50.


VRTN has nearly 50 members who do a variety of tasks from reading, editing and copying recordings, sorting returned listeners' wallets, copying recordings onto memory sticks for distribution and acting as contacts to visit listeners.

However, there are some more specialized activities involved in running the TN which are undertaken by a committee of 8 people, most of whom have other jobs in the TN as well as being on the committee (the committee is pictured below).



Details and contacts for members of the committee:

Ian Hardman (Chairperson and listener contact)

Ian Bateman (Treasurer and editor)

Norman Shelley (Equipment procurement & maintenance,

listener contact and recordist)   

Kathy Wade (Secretary) 

Peter Coppock (Visually impaired and acts as a spokesperson on the committee for our listeners)

Janet Morris (Copy room)


Paul Rogers (Vice-Chairperson and Editor)

Jim Swainson  (Recordist and listener contact)