This page describes the main activities of the VRTN. 

The work of the TN is carried out by four separate teams who record

the local news every Thursday (sometimes there are five

Thursdays in the month and then we have to pull together an extra


When the Guardian is published on a Thursday morning, the first

members of that week's team start work.

Copies of the paper are collected and the editor for that week reads it

and selects items for inclusion in the recording that will go out that


Meanwhile, the previous week's memory sticks have been returned

from the Listeners via Royal Mail, and these are checked ready to be

re-recorded with the new version.

The readers, the editor and the recordist arrive at our venue (the

Northwich Library in Witton Street, Northwich) and record the items

taking it in turns to read so that each week's recording has a variety

of voices.

The recording is done onto a computer via a sound deck. Meanwhile,

a separate team of one or two readers makes a recording of the sports


About two hours later, all the reading and recording is done and

handed over to the copiers who, having cleared the memory sticks

from the week before, are ready to copy the new recordings.

The recorded memory sticks are checked and placed into yellow

plastic postal wallets which are individually labelled with our

listeners' addresses. These are then carried down to the post office

ready for dispatch.

After the listeners have finished with the memory stick, they simply

reverse the label on the wallet and pop it into the post ready for

collection on the next Thursday - and the process begins all over



One of the teams making a recording

(sweets and the coffee make it all go smoothly)

The Recordist at work


Sorting the wallets before doing the copying