This page describes how you can become a volunteer member of the TN


If you are interested in the work we do and would like to become a

member, the easiest way is to contact the secretary, Kathy Wade at or 07972754865.  We will invite you to

visit us to see what we do in more detail.

As well as reading out the recordings (and don't worry if you are not a

Richard Burton sound-alike, as long as you are clear and don't read

too fast, you are fine for us), there are several other jobs for

volunteers to do:

Editors: Pick out and arrange items from the Guardian for the

teams to read every week. As we can't include all of the paper, it is

important that there is an interesting balance of articles and also a

variety of voices doing the reading.


Do the actual recording of the reading. The sports

recording also has to be incorporated and any other additional items

of news have to be included.

Equipment: Our equipment needs to be maintained, repaired and

problems sorted as quickly as possible so each week's recording goes

as smoothly as possible.

Wallet Sorters: It is very important that the returned wallets are

logged so we know if someone is not returning recordings. The

address labels are also turned around ready for dispatch.

Copiers: After the weekly recording is made, it has to be copied onto

all the memory sticks using high speed USB copiers. The memory

sticks then have to be placed in the wallets and taken to the post


Contacts: When we receive a new request for the talking newspaper,

the details are passed to one of our contacts who look after listeners

in different parts of Vale Royal. This contact will then get in touch,

introduce the new listener to the talking newspaper and, if necessary,

supply and train in the use of a 'Boom-Box' player.