VRTN has about 60 listeners on its record books although not all of these return recordings every week.

Although the majority of our listeners receive our recordings on memory sticks through the post, a number listen to our recordings through either the British Wireless for the Blind Fund , Amazon Alexa or Podcast. Clicking on the icons below will take you to each way of listening to our recordings.

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British Wireless for the Blind Fund

Amazon ALEXA


Receiving our recordings via the postal service is restricted to those listeners who have a visual impairment because only they are entitled to free postage. However, we intend our on-line recordings to be available to anyone who is print disabled for any reason. We do ask that you fill in our listeners-submission form by clicking the link below.

So, f you have a visual impairment or are print disabled, and would like to receive the Talking Newspaper, or you have a friend or relative who you think might be interested, please get in touch with us – click the link below.

Listener Submission Form

As soon as we hear from you that you would like to try the Talking Newspaper, we will arrange for the contact for the area you live in to get in touch with you. The contact will explain everything about the Talking Newspaper and arrange for you to borrow a player if you don’t already have one. The contact will also arrange training in the use of the player and leave a sample memory stick and a wallet if you want to continue. The contact will also explain how to access our on-line recordings if this is a preferred option for you.

As postage is free for the visually impaired, there is no charge to return the wallet – it just needs to be put in a post box by yourself or a friend or relative.

 If you are not registered or referred to us, we do ask you to fill in a form confirming you have close-up vision with spectacles equivalent to N12 or less (see example below) and have it signed by a doctor or Ophthalmologist or Ophthalmic Optician. This is to ensure we can continue to use free postage. We will send you the form together with a SAE.

Example of type-size equivalent to N12

Each Talking Newspaper group must register with the Postal Headquarters and use the approved type wallets and labels bearing the words ‘Articles for the Blind’. The service is available to registered blind persons and to other visually handicapped people who are able to produce a certificate signed by an ophthalmologist, doctor or ophthalmic optician, stating that their close-up vision with spectacles is N12 or less. This text has been produced in a type size equivalent to N12. Contents of the recordings may be readings from printed newspapers, books, periodicals and similar publications, and material which is of the nature of a newspaper or journal, including ‘live’ interviews and reports, information and advice and ‘Letters to the Editor’. Music is not permitted except short interludes and jingles, and pieces to illustrate reports (say, of concerts).

After that, you can receive the Talking Newspaper for as long as you wish.

If you go away, just let us know by a call (either to the Secretary or your contact) or pop a note in your wallet. We can stop sending you recordings until you are ready again. 

If you don’t return your wallets for a few weeks, your contact will get in touch with you to make sure all is well.